Total Area
400 sq.ft.

Style : Minimal + Rustic
Concept : Space optimization
Furniture : Metal + wood + Upholstery + Glass
Theme : Music

Project status

Musicology is a restaurant tucked in the ground floor of a once residential building located at Bakhundole. 

The most essential aspect that architecture and interior design revolve around in today’s time is creating functional and aesthetic spaces out of existing structures/ areas. Following a minimal and rustic vibe, we worked on maximizing the space while incorporating the eclectic collection of the client into the design. 

One of the first things we did was swapping out the window panels that divided the indoor seating area with the outdoor seating area with foldable French windows. This acted as a bridge between the two spaces and helped communicate the indoor ambience to the outdoors whilst giving the space an airy and light vibe. We also added a wooden ledge on the sill to act as a table for outdoor seating.

The musician co-owned restaurant gave us a substantial theme to play with; so, to honor the café named Musicology, elements of music have been tastefully used in different areas. Such as- plastering the music notes on the wall, creating a central light piece using the client’s old cymbals, tables with framed old music cassettes and CDs and another table with framed traditional Nepali drum (Dhime’). 

Further, the exposed wiring here saves us from the hassle of chipping the plaster while giving the space a unique character. And as a bonus, it mimics the look of guitar strings which goes along well with our theme for the space.

The floor was painted to create an abstract pattern; this acts as an element of surprise, a conversation starter and takes the focus off of the limited space we have. All of these  while bringing the whole space together.